An open letter to skeptics about faith

 I know that the astounding amount of noise being made about just about everything is hard to filter.
Religion, especially organized religion has many problems  with purity of message being one of the biggest.

 So this article is completely self contained.
It's not a slideshow, part of a series, or a teaser.
There will be no roadblocks or ads in the way of finishing it if you wish, and there is no book or video to purchase to get the "real" content.

 One problem we may have is communication.
A prophet named Isaiah spoke of a veil which blocks the ears and eyes of nonbelievers, but even if you don't accept  the idea of a mystical barrier, you have probably observed that words and phrases can mean different things to different people.

 So, what's the point of even trying if, we are blocked before we start?
Consider the possibility that you, reader, actually believe in God and don't realize it.

                  The Punchline

 My arguments are below, but here is the whole truth:
God is Love.
That is not just a bumper sticker. It's a statement of equivalency. So just as true:
Love is God.
If you believe in love, you do believe in the one true God.
The veil, in that case, is already pierced.


 If I haven't lost you, I will try to give some reasons to believe I am more than another crazy hippie.

 First, One of the biggest obstructions to consideration of the existence of God, by skeptics, is the belief that the faithful have nothing but faith to go on.
The truth is that any person can know and communicate with God. You don't need any other person or organization to do so. They wouldn't help anyway, as it HAS to be individual and personal.
The point is that there are many people in the world who KNOW beyond possible doubt that God is real and here.

 I will try to keep the bible references to a minimum, but some are necessary.
God said to Moses :
"I am that I am".
To me that means "My existence justifies itself".
A being that is the embodiment of love itself, can make that statement.
Without love, nothing is really important.
Everything dies and rots. Who cares?
But love gives meaning to everything.
"I am".

 One more reference:
Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was.
He said "The greatest commandment is that you should love God with all your heart, mind, and spirit. There is another like it. That you should love your neighbor as yourself."
But he went even further. He said:
" These two commandments sum up the law and the prophets".
That means everything that God or his messengers have ever said is contained in those two commandments.
"All you need is Love." (Lennon/McCartney)


 The way know God, going back to the punchline, is to know love.
You get to know love by practicing it.
It has to be real love ( unselfish, patient, kind... plenty of reference available).
Ok, so love is only a feeling, or an illusion?
Do you know anyone you love enough to sacrifice yourself to save pain or death?
If not, there are many examples throughout history of people who gave everything and gained nothing for themselves but pain or death.
I know of no feeling that could be this powerful,
and while you could make a case for illusion or delusion,
a world without love would just flat suck.

 That's my attempt at the role of the pointing finger.
I hope I've at least given you something to think about.



I have shown this to a skeptic, and Received some great arguments. 

I've removed a paragraph which, he rightly pointed out, took some liberties with the word "belief".

So it's no longer addressed to skeptics, because the communication gap is an abyss. But I will leave this here.